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Anne Sunne Freeman, Esq.

Anne has a passion for her practice areas of Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration, Guardianship, Medicaid Planning, Asset Protection, and Business Succession Planning. She enjoys solving puzzles for her clients and ensuring that her clients have everything they need to feel at ease as they transition in life.

Inspired by her father, Kenneth A. Sunne, Anne proudly followed in his footsteps helping people navigate through the legal system while remaining compassionate and engaged with clients throughout the process. Instilled in Anne are the values and work ethic that make her strive to be a compassionate and effective attorney.

Anne feels driven to produce effective plans to protect her clients because of her own experiences when taking care of her disabled brother and elderly parents. She learned valuable lessons from them, such as never giving up and being strong when confronted with adversity. She learned that it can be a difficult process to navigate the system.

A Florida native, Anne moved to Washington, D.C. after college to pursue her interest in the political system. She worked in DC writing legislation and working with media, convincing others that certain causes were worth fighting for.

When Anne returned to Florida, she started her own family with her husband. She attended law school at Stetson University School of Law and started a career helping people navigate the legal system just as her father did. She continues to counsel her clients and is committed to their personal well-being.

Anne is able to lighten difficult situations with her unique style of blending humor with compassion, while striving for solutions.